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A personal selection, including photographs and reflections on faith.


Prayer may begin as a quick word,
A simple request,
A sudden impulse,
A cry of pain,
An arrow shot, hoping it will pierce the heart of God.

All these are prayers,
God hears the briefest word, the quietest whisper.
But prayer does not have to stop there.
Prayer is more,
So much more.

Prayer is not like sending for the fire brigade – only called in emergency.
Prayer is not a chore – something you have to do and get out of the way each day.
Prayer is not a job to do, or a box to tick.
Prayer is not something to achieve or complete, been there, done that.
Prayer is not merely a good habit, like brushing your teeth or getting regular exercise – though it certainly is that!

Prayer is a holding, a longing, a wrestling.
Prayer is an intensity, an involvement, an obsession.
Prayer is banging on the counter! Thump the altar!
Prayer is not much saying, but still persistent;
Not the many words babbled by the pagan, but the widow’s incessant pleading.

Prayer is knowing – and getting to know better.
Prayer is loving, caring, adoring.
Prayer is closeness, with the intimacy of bride and groom.
Prayer is not a crutch for life but the stuff of it,
The very heart, the reason for living.

Prayer is love in action, even when there is nothing to do.
Prayer is volume, encompassing.
Prayer is continual, unceasing.
Prayer does not rest,
Save to rest in the goodness and love of God.

God’s heart does not need piercing,
His love flows unending, embracing, without limit.
At times we glimpse his love.
At times his love touches us.
At times it seizes us!

But there is only one way truly to know that love:
To eat, sleep, live, breathe and be with the lover.
That is prayer.

David Gray 22/6/2010

© David Gray 2010.

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A personal selection, including photographs and reflections on faith.

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