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Immanuel and St Andrew

The Parish Church of Immanuel and St Andrew, Streatham

452 Streatham High Road · London · SW16 3PY  ·  Tel: (020) 8679 6888

Sermons at Immanuel

The 'Sermons' section is still experimental and contains only a small range of sermons. The format is subject to change.

Sermon Index

These sermons were given at Immanuel and St Andrew or, in some cases, elsewhere by a member of the Immanuel and St Andrew ministry team. They have been edited slightly, in some cases with sub-headings added, to make them more suitable for reading alone rather than hearing in church. However, please remember that they were produced originally to be spoken by one person to a congregation in a particular place, and this has affected the way some points are expressed. They may include references to the situation and location, and topical references that may lose their relevance over time.

Many of the sermons originally led on to, or offered suggestions for, a 'sacred space' - a time for quiet reflection or discussion later in the service. Direct reference to the 'sacred space' has been omitted, but as far as is practical any suggestions for thought or discussion have been retained or restated in a way intended to be helpful in a time of private prayer, personal devotion or 'quiet time'.

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The sanctuary area at Immanuel and St. Andrew's.

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