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Immanuel and St Andrew

The Parish Church of Immanuel and St Andrew, Streatham

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You may find that music can be helpful as a background to prayer, study or meditation - or while you explore our site or surf the net! On this page there have been links to a selection of choral music, mainly suitable for quiet listening, and some popular organ pieces (which tend to be louder!). Unfortunately, because these all came from other websites many of the links originally provided have ceased to work and finding replacements is not always easy or practicable. Those that still worked at the date this page was updated remain, but it is unlikely they will be available indefinitely. It is likely this page will become unviable at some stage in the future. In the meantime you can still follow the links that remain and, if you wish, reopen this page in a new window, so that you can minimise it but still access it to play more music while you browse elsewhere, perhaps to use the Icons page. For more information about the individual pieces see the notes below the links or let your mouse pointer hover over the links.

To play the music you will need a player such as Windows Media Player or RealPlayer installed. Once the player starts you may need to minimise it (and/or any associated browser window) if you wish to view the rest of the site or continue surfing.


Erbarme dich - JS Bach - Matthäus Passion

Wir setzen uns - JS Bach - Matthäus Passion

How lovely is thy dwelling place - J Brahms - Requiem

Lacrimosa - WA Mozart - Requiem

Finale from 1st Organ Symphony - L Vierne


Notes about performers and sources.

The links above take you temporarily to other websites which provide free listening to music and often have free legal downloads of classical music available. The music files are not stored or copied on our own website. Many of the items above come from the website of the VU Kamerkoor, Amsterdam (The Free University Chamber Choir, Amsterdam) - who are, of course, the performers. The remainder come from the website of Furman University, South Carolina, USA. You may find following some of these links useful if you want to listen to other music or just want further information, but note that the VU Kamerkoor site is not in English!

The PCC has no control over the other websites linked above and the inclusion of a link here or elsewhere on this site to another website does not necessarily imply that the PCC, clergy or webmaster of Immanuel and St Andrew endorse its content. Such links are provided in good faith and no guarantee can be given that they will continue to function or that they will link to the material stated. No responsibility can be accepted for any damage or inconvenience, whether or not caused by a virus or malicious program, arising out of using a link or downloading or running any file.

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Page last updated 28 November 2007.

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